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1n_or_0ut's Journal

to be or not to be
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moderator: smr8301

this is a gay community.

1. community related posting only.

2. to enter the community you must post a minimum of 2 pictures and a few details of your first gay experience. acceptance will not be based primarily on exterior beauty
Post pictures of yourself to be rated anyone is free to vote. Majority note will decide whether you will be accepted.

3. this isnt a forum for gay rights rants. when you came out of the closet the president didnt knock on your door and tell you you cant vote or that you have to sit in the back of the bus. the only difference between us and the straights it the legal right to marriage in all states that and we are so much better.

4. if you are bi-sexual dont even bother no one wants to hear about the tragic break up between you and your boyfriend. REMEMBER: GAY COMMUNITY

5. you can dance if you want to. you can leave your friends behind. because if they dont dance, and if they dont dance, well they're no friends of mine.

being gay isnt about rights or being different. its about choosing to be with the person you love regardless of gender and what anyone else thinks.